iMPERVA正式提供Secure Sphere SE WAF給中小型網站群安全防禦服務

2008/10/15 | 產品新聞

iMPERVA正式提供Secure Sphere SE WAF給中小型網站群安全防禦服務

10 月 15, 2008 | 產品新聞

網站/資料庫安全防禦暨行為分析稽核系統大廠 Imperva,以榮獲多項國際大獎之WAF產品線,正式推出Secure Sphere SE Web Application Firewall G2,提供更實惠的價格來擁有最高等級的網站安全技術,以提供更合適中型及小型網站架構之安全防護服務技術,詳情請聯絡亞利安科技。

The Imperva SecureSphere SE Web Application Firewall
Based on Imperva’s market-leading SecureSphere Enterprise Edition Web Application Firewall, the Standard Edition Web Application Firewall is designed for medium enterprises, providing the industry’s best and only automated protection for critical applications. It combines the most accurate application data security solution with proven performance, ease-of-use and
automatic security updates demanded by medium enterprise with limited IT resources. The Imperva SecureSphere SE Web Application Firewall delivers enterprise-class security at an affordable cost for medium enterprises.

Business Problem
Hackers pose a real threat to online data for businesses of every size, making it critical for you to protect your online applications. In addition, online information must be secured to comply with industry mandates like PCI. Unfortunately, applications are exposed to attacks because they weren’t built with security in mind. Fixing the security flaws results in a never ending spending cycle of manpower and temporary .patches. With Imperva SecureSphere, you can solve your application security problem in a simple, cost-effective way.

Key Customer Concerns:
• Protecting online applications and data against application attacks like SQL injection, CSRF, data leakage, and other threats
• Limited IT budget for maintaining and deploying security solutions
• Compliance with PCI, SOX, HIPAA and other regulatory mandates
• Ability to keep up with changing security threats

Key Stakeholders
Title: Director of IT/Security
Why they are concerned: Must ensure protection of organization’s critical data against application threats, while ensuring legitimate user access to the application.
Strategy: SecureSphere provides highly accurate security with low false positives through a unique combination of dynamic positive and negative security models.

Title: Business Owner
Why they are concerned: Cost, limited work force to manage security, regulatory compliance 
Strategy: SecureSphere is deployable in minutes, can be managed by just one or two full time administrators, and was designed to meet the security and reporting requirements of PCI.

Why Imperva for the Medium Enterprise
Imperva delivers the most proven, most recognized, and most trusted solution to protect application data:

Most Proven Solution
Imperva is the market leader. Over 4,500 organizations are protected by Imperva solutions
Most Recognized Solution
Imperva SecureSphere has won over 20 product awards in the last 5 years, far more than any other solution on the market
Most Trusted Solution
More revenue and online assets are entrusted to Imperva SecureSphere than any other solution:
• 6 of the top 10 Telecommunication companies worldwide
• World’s largest payment card brand and Financial Services Institution
• One Financial Website with $1+ Billion in revenue and 2 million customers
• One Online Gaming Website with Over 200,000 Gamers
• One Government Department Portal with over 6 million online taxpayers
Imperva has packaged our leading technology specifically to meet the needs of businesses like yours. With this much experience protecting critical applications and data, why trust your business to anyone but Imperva?

The primary opportunity for the SecureSphere SE Web Application Firewall is a medium enterprise with up to 2,500 employees and $500M in sales across multiple verticals and lines of business:
• Retailers and eCommerce – Level 3,4 merchants who must comply with PCI DSS
• Financials – Organizations that handle any type of financial applications, including Banks, Credit Unions, Brokerages, etc.
• Online Bill Pay – Regional Utilities, Telephone, Cellular Phone, Cable, and Insurance companies that handle sensitive customer information
• Online Customer Information Portals – Medical Groups, Healthcare organizations that store or access patient information and/or have to comply with HIPAA
• Public companies that must demonstrate SOX compliance